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Coveralls for neuroorthopedic rehabilitation

Coveralls for neuroorthopedic rehabilitation
TOR 9396-001-38140643-2012
Registration certificate №RZN 2013/150 from 04.04.2013yr.
Protected by a Eurasian patent №014998, date of filling 15.04.2010

1. Object matter.
Neuro- orthopedic rehabilitation coverall “Phaeton” is intended for use as wearable simulator, for the purpose of multilevel orthopedic and neurophysiological effects on the body, joints and limb segments with synchronous body pneumofoundation and limbs ortization. Recommended for rehabilitation of neurological patients with movement disorders due to traumatic brain injury, acute stroke, spinal and spinal cord injury, infantile cerebral paralysis, as well as due to diseases of the musculoskeletal system (osteochondrosis, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc). Technique relies on the usage of medical technology «Kinesitherapy in health- conductive rehabilitation of neurological patients with movement disorders» (№FS-2006/136 from 20.06.2006 yr.).
2. Domain of usage.

  1. For personal usage under the supervision ofa licensed recreation therapist.
  2. For usage in the medical andhealth-careorganizations.

3 .Technical data and characteristics of the product.
Neuro- orthopedic rehabilitation coverall can be operated and stored at ambient air temperature in the temperature range from +10ºC to +35ºC. Coverall sizes for typical figures are given on the site. Tailoring of coveralls allows to wear it on the patient’s in non-traumatic way by the presence of easily liberated central insert. Coverall schould be worn on the lower cotton underwear. Degree of patient encirclement with the coverall is provided by the locking-tensioners system.
The coverall includes pneumatic system that provides additional body pneumofoundation and limb joints.
4. Completeness.
The supply package with coverall includes:
1. Product – 1 pc.
2. Label – 1 pc.
3. Transport case – 1 pc.
4. Motor-driven pump – 1 pc.

5. Recommendations for the coverall disinfection.
Overalls is disinfected with 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide with addition of 0.5 % detergent solution such as “Laska”. Manual or gentle machine wash of the coverall with neutral detergents (such as “Laska”) is allowed to perform at a temperature of 30-40ºC.Coverallproductwarrantyperiodis 12 months.