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June 2024
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Apparatus for the release the traumatize patient “EVACUATOR”

Apparatus for the release the traumatize patient “evacuator”
TOR 9438-003-38140643-2012.
Registration certificate №RZN 2013/140 from 26.02.2013yr.

1. Object matter.
Apparatus for the release the traumatize patient (hereinafter evacuator) is used for suspected: vertebral trauma, hip fractures – to create stillness of damaged segments, in the extrication of the patient from remote and confined spaces with further transportation from the place of injury to hospital. Evacuator is designed to assist skilled and unskilled personnel in self – and mutual assistance, first aid, first medical aid.
2. Domain of usage.
In ambulances and emergency care services; in disaster medicine; in formations of MES and Civil Defence, in units of the Interior Ministry and Defense Ministry; on industrial and mining enterprises; at public organizations; at sports associations and sports centres; at various transport companies; in police cars.
3. Technical data and characteristics of the product.
Evacuator allows to extract patients with a weight up to 200 kg. Kit dimensions – 950×850 mm. Weight with a bag – no more than 3.0 kg. The load on the abdominal belts not less than 60 kg (on each), the load on the hip belts at least 100 kg (on each). Evacuator and a removable air pillow (to remove free space in the cervical and thoracic parts of evacuator) can be maintained and stored at ambient air temperatures from -50°C to +50°C.
4. Completeness.
The kit includes: A) evacuator “Medtech” – 1 pc., B) frontal belt – 1 pc., C) chin strap – 1 pc., D) polymer air pillow – 1 pc., E) pneumatic pump – 1 pc. (onclient’srequest), F) transport case – 1 pc.
5. Recommendations for evacuator disinfection.
After each use, the evacuator surface should be suitably sanitized. In case of  abundant visible pollution the evacuator must be washed under running water. Evacuator is disinfected with 4% hydrogen peroxide solution with the addition of 0.5% detergent such as “Lotus”. After expositional exposure, disinfectant solution is removed from the surface of evacuator with drape moistened with water. Then it schould be wiped off with a dry drape. The flap of the evacuator airbag is decontaminated by immersion in 3% hydrogen peroxide solution for 30 min. After exposure valve head is rinsed under running drinking tap water.
Apparatus warranty period is 12 months.