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June 2024
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Soft hand frame

Soft hand frame
TOR 9451-002-38140643-2012
Registration certificate №RZN 2013/1076 from 22.08.2013 yr.

1. Object matter and technical data.
Soft hand frame “Medtech” designed for carrying people in different situations when use of the rigid hand frame is inconvenient or impossible. In particular, soft hand frame can be used for transportation of people through narrow stairs and winding passages.
2. Domain of usage.
In ambulances and emergency care services; in disaster medicine; in formations of MES and Civil Defence, in units of the Interior Ministry and Defense Ministry; on industrial and mining enterprises; at public organizations; at sports associations and sports centres; at various transport companies; in police cars.
3. Technical data and characteristics of the product.
Main dimensions of the soft hand frames SH-01, SH-02 and SH-03: length 2000±50/1850±50 mm, width 850±50/750±50 mm. Soft hand frame have four pairs of handles, straps to secure the patient. Hand frame can stand distributed in area weight of 150±5 kg.
4. Completeness.
Kits SH-01 and SH-02 (with restraining straps) include: soft hand frame – 1 pc., case bag – 1 pc., label – 1 pcs. By customer request, soft hand frame can be additionally equipped with a shoulder straps for carrying the patient in a sitting position (version SH-03).
5. Disinfection.
Soft hand frame working surface decontamination schould be carried out with 4% hydrogen peroxide solution with the addition of 0.5 % detergent, such as “Lotus”. Time of the disinfectant exposure – 60 minutes. Disinfection is performed on the basis of 700 ml/m2. In case of  abundant visible blood stains on the hand frame wiping disinfection is performed twice with two drapes dampened in a disinfectant solution. After exposure, the sanitizing solution is removed from the surface by wiping with the drapes moistened with water. Then it schould be wiped off with a dry drape. Stretchers may be washed in a washing machine using the washing mode for synthetic materials.

Hand frame warranty period is 12 months.